Inaugural Grant Photo Competition 2011

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The goal is to create an online showcase of outstanding work by photographers around the world


  • One outstanding social documentary photographer will be awarded with a grant of $5,000 USD, to be utilized in the production or completion of a social documentary project to be completed by March 1, 2012..

Two rounds selection process:

  1. In round one, submit by May 31 a single contact sheet of up to 15 images and an essay describing your work and proposed project.
  2. In round two, those applicants whose work is of the highest excellence will be invited to submit full size images for our online showcase.

Submit to a single page PDF contact sheet sample of your work (black & white or color) must consist of no more than 15 images. Only digital file submissions. The pdf file should not exceed 10 MB in size. The images do not have to be directly related to the proposed project, but should reflect your best work in documentary photography. No signature, stamp or any other identifying mark is to be printed anywhere on submitted images.

Your photos and proposed project must be based on pressing social issues in developing nations or communities of poverty as health, poverty, oppression, war, famine, religious/political persecution, and similar subjects.


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