Vistek’s Capture Canada Contest

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  • Photojournalism
    The image says it all. Happy or sad. Political, social, economic or geophysical. The picture tells a story.
  • Fine Art
    The image can show textures (natural or man-made), geometric patterns, architectural brilliance, high fashion, It can feature macro photography or shot from afar. All variations are good. Better if it imparts a Canadian flavour.
  • People
    Portraits of Canadians, young or old, posed or natural, single or in a group, close-up or in an environment. It can portray emotion – joy, pride, or sadness. And with Canada being one of the most multicultural countries on the planet, you have countless subjects to work with.
  • Sports Photography
    Whatever the sport, the secret is to capture the action, excitement, danger and fun.
  • B&W
    Black & White, because the format imparts a mood unto itself, deserves its own category. The content can be anything. But you are restricted to two colours.


  • Grand Prize for the overall winner – $5,565 in value
  • Category First Prize – Up to a $1500 Value
  • Category Second Prize – A $440 Value     
  • Category Third Prize – A $125 Value
  • There is a first second and third prize for every category below. This creates a total of 5 first , 5 second and 5 third prizes.

Each contestant can submit one photo only. You can enter a JPG image with a maximum 10 MB file size.

Official website:

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