“I Am An Entrepreneur” Photo Competition

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This competition recognizes the outstanding use of photography to tell compelling stories of role model entrepreneurs from around the world. Our objective with this competition is to gather stunning photographs profiling individual entrepreneurs from around the globe.


  • Each month, one finalist will be selected and will receive a prize of $100.
  • The grand prize winner (selected from among the 12 finalist photographs) will receive $1,000 at the end of the year.

The judges are looking for high-quality photographs that embody the spirit of entrepreneurship.  We are especially interested in photographs that capture some emotional quality associated with entrepreneurship: risk, innovation, excitement at possibilities, fear, wonder, etc. Finalist photos will be announced on the 30th of each month, from January 2010 to December 2010. The grand prize winner will be announced on January 30, 2011.

You may one photograph per month to the competition.

We can only accept digital photo submissions. No printed photos will be accepted. Photos must be submitted electronically as a high resolution image, with a minimum resolution of 1600 pixels on the shortest edge, a minimum file size of 2MB and minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The maximum file size is 5MB. All photos must be in .jpg format. Photos can be in color or black and white, and must be appropriate for printing as a 16 x 20 inch print, as winning photos will be printed and featured in galleries at SEVEN sponsored events.

Not Permitted:

  • No borders or frames may be added to images.
  • No watermarks, signatures, or copyright notices may be added to images. All winning images will be displayed with the photographer’s name.
  • Artistic filters are not permitted.

Permitted Modifications:

  • Images may be cropped and rotated as necessary as long as the rectangular format is maintained and the size is within the specifications above.
  • Images may be resized as long as the aspect ratio is maintained
  • Red-eye removal and spot editing
  • One-step enhancement (such as "AutoFix", "QuickFix", "Auto Levels", etc.)
  • Use of filters to sharpen, soften, blur, despeckle, or remove noise.
  • Use of corrective functions to improve the natural appearance of the image, such as levels, contrast, brightness, curves, intensity, tone, hue, saturation, lightness, value, color balance, and tint.

How do I submit my photo?
Photos must be submitted electronically using the submission form on SEVEN’s website. No printed photos will be accepted. Along with the submission, you MUST include the following information in the submission form:

  • Your full name and mailing address, a contact telephone number and your email address.
  • A brief paragraph biography of the photographer.
  • A title for the photograph
  • A brief description of the image, including where and when it was taken, any information on the person or other details in the image, and any relevant stories

Official web site:

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