“Picture Sustainability” Photo Contest

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Rainforest Alliance invites you to submit photographs that promote our mission of working to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.  We encourage submission of photographs that display and celebrate local cultures and communities, sustainable livelihoods in agriculture, forestry and tourism, and flora and fauna in landscapes, environments and habitats around the world.We are looking for photos in the following categories:

  • Landscape/Scenic
    • Tropical forests
    • Temperate forests
    • Boreal forests
    • Rivers, streams and waterfalls
    • Flowers and plants
    • Beaches
    • Wetlands
    • Coral reefs
  • Conservation in action
    • Children and/or adults conserving natural resources, including water, flora and fauna.
  • Wildlife on coffee, cocoa and fruit farms or forests
    • Insects
    • Birds
    • Reptiles & Amphibians
    • Mammals
    • Fish
  • Sustainable tourism in Latin America
    • Hiking, bird watching, mountain biking and other land-based nature activities
    • Surfing, scuba, kayaking, snorkeling and other coastal or marine activities
    • Other eco-tourism-related subjects
  • Flora and fauna (macro)

You can win:

  • a trip to the Galapagos Islands
  • a Fujifilm FinePix digital camera
  • a photo book by Art Wolfe

Please enter the contest by completing the on-line submission form and submitting your original photograph electronically at   Entrants must complete all data requested on the form.  No other method of entry will be accepted.  We will not accept photographs submitted through the mail.

You may submit as many photographs as you wish; however, you must complete a separate on-line submission form for each photograph you wish to enter.  The image may originate in a non-digital format (such as high quality film slides, negatives or prints scanned into a digital format) so long as it is submitted electronically.  Entries must be submitted in JPEG format (as .jpg files) and should be at least 1MB but shall not exceed 5MB.  You must submit the actual image file, not a link or other type of file.  If an image file is not readable, the entry will be disqualified.  Altered photographs maybe submitted, so long as you specify on the entry form how the photo has been altered.  No photo montages or composite images will be accepted.  Rainforest Alliance in its sole judgment shall determine whether a photograph meets these requirements for entry into the contest.  Electronic files submitted to Rainforest Alliance will not be returned and may be retained by Rainforest Alliance after the completion of the contest.

The official web site:

Rules and terms:

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