The Nerve Amateur Photo Contest

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image.jpgFor six years, Nerve has showcased the hottest work from some of the world’s best photographers. That’s been great and all, but it leaves one small problem: There are lots of people who don’t happen to be among the best photographers in the world but still like to take sexy pictures. The Nerve Photo Contest is our way of welcoming the rest of you into our community of creative hedonists. Much more importantly, the contest is the excuse you’ve been waiting for — now you can ask that really hot girl/guy who lives down the block to pose for you.

The Prize: $500 for first place.

How to Enter:

  1. Find a vaguely exhibitionist friend and a digital camera (or a regular camera and scanner).
  2. Take some sexy photo of someone making a scary face.
  3. Submit your photos.
  4. After uploading photos, check your email (the email address you used for your Nerve account) and confirm your submission.

The Rules:

1. Images must be in JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg) format, with dimensions between 200 and 640 pixels. File size must be no larger than 200 KB.
2. No more than three entries per person.
3. You must agree to the legal disclaimer on the photo submissions page, which means:
– No photos of anyone under 18;
– No photos of anyone who hasn’t consented to be photographed for the Nerve Photo Contest.
4. All entries are subject to the laws of the State of New York solely, regardless of the point of origin of the uploading computer or residence of the photographer or the subject of the photo.

In order to sumbit your photos you must sing up here.

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