Save the World Photographic Competition

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‘Nature is dying…who cares?’new_logo.jpg

Can you create the image that will change the world?

What are we doing about it! We aim to send a message from the children of the world to the political and business leaders, media, conservationists and educators in each country on the planet, in their own language- a Guinness World Record hand painting using tens of thousands of children’s handprints, together with a document detailing habitat destruction both globally and with particular reference to their own country, ( exposing corporates and individuals etc causing the greatest damage). We want an image to spearhead this campaign. An image so strong it makes people think about what we are doing to our planet and inspires them to want to take action Can you create this image? It has to show that nature is precious, that it is fragile, and that we have an individual responsibility to protect it.

 The Competitions:

  •       Children’s Competition

Can you make a poster, something with an image and message that we can show to adults and make them listen, and take action. The best one will be made into a Guinness world record (The largest hand print painting in the world) and presented to the world’s leaders. Tell adults why they should look after the world until you are ready to look after it yourself. Send us as many posters as you wish – the most interesting will go on our web site every week. You need also send us your handprint and a short message to adults.

Not only could you be part of creating a new world record, you could also win a number of goodies. An Atlantic Whale Foundation information pack for yourself and your school, as well as a dolphin and whale goody pack for you and a friend. Your image will also be sent out to all of the business leaders and politicians of the world!

  •      Adults Competition

We are looking for one image, one so powerful that people no matter where they come from won’t be able to ignore; an image that conveys all of nature’s wonders but also its fragility and the need for us as custodians of this amazing planet to protect it.

The images can be drawn, painted, photographed and digitally manipulated if you wish as well as all natural photos of any creature you believe has the power to melt the hearts and opinions of those not willing to help.

Submission Details

There are two ways in which you can submit your images so that you can take part in this competition, the first is through email. Simply send your attached image files to [email protected] with the title Competition. Alternatively, you can post your images to: Competition, Atlantic Whale Foundation, St Martins House, 59 St Martins Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 4JN

For the children’s competition we would like to remind you not to forget to send a copy of your handprint, and therefore become an important member of setting a new Guinness World Record.

Official web site and all the rules:

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