Black and White Photography Exhibition

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Grayscale Photography ExhibitionDecode Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming theme: Black and White. Black and white photography is a powerful and timeless medium. It’s how photography began; it’s the deep unending shades of grey. We look forward to seeing through your lens in grayscale.

At least 26 images will be selected by the juror for exhibition at Decode Gallery. The gallery handles all printing for accepted photographers for free

EXHIBITION DATES: Apr 6 – 27 2024

Online submission of digital images via the website.

High Resolution JPGS will be due two days after acceptance email.


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Look for scenes with a vast variety of color hues. The colors in your image must be converted to gray tones; while having a large variety of varying colors doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good tonal range in the conversion- it’s a step in the right direction. You can use your sunglasses technique to confirm how your colors are going to “turn” into a shade of tone. Avoid high contrast lighting. This is not to say “always” avoid high contrast lighting when producing monochrome photography. This is saying as you practice the art of creating a full tonal range B&W photograph- with a balanced contrast ratio- avoid high contrast lighting. When you begin to post-process your image file. Keep an eye on the Histogram. If your edits cause the Histogram to develop “cuts” in the flow from shadow to highlight- this means you’re dropping tones. The more cuts that your Histogram displays, and the tighter the graph becomes from left to right- the less tonal range and increased contrast your final image is going to display. Sometimes these “cuts”, or “drops” can’t be avoided. Create as few of them as possible. If you wish to create a "high contrast" photograph. Push the left (shadow) and right (highlight) boundaries of the Histogram inward.