Grayscale Photography Exhibition

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Grayscale Photography ExhibitionBlack and white photography still thrives today, despite the emergence of color photography in the 1890’s. From deep blacks, nostalgic grays to brilliant whites the genre relies on form, lines, and shape to tell the story. As shades of gray continue to inspire photographic artists, we are looking to honor the art in this group exhibition.

At least 26 images will be selected by the juror for exhibition at Decode Gallery. The gallery handles all printing for accepted photographers for free

EXHIBITION DATES: Oct 14 – Nov 4 2023

Online submission of digital images via the website.

Photographers will be notified by email of acceptance two weeks after the deadline day. High Resolution JPGS will be due two days after acceptance email.


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With a DSLR, it is always better to shoot in RAW, color and work on the conversion to black and white during post-processing. The presence of color information allows you to use your own post-processing techniques and fine-tune the results. Shooting in color enables you to de-saturate specific colors to present a mono-tone image or use color filters to change the contrast and shades of objects of different yet equally strong colors. You can also process the image creatively to create a desaturated look. And it doesn’t end there; creativity is the only limit. Tuning the camera to B&W mode is not always the solution. The best photographs are the ones which truly utilize the power of color. Conversion during post-processing allows you to mix color channels, shift hues, de-saturate and applying color filters for more effective conversion.