Waters Online Art Contest

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Waters Online Art ContestThe Waters theme may include any work with depiction of the water (rivers, lakes, oceans, waterfalls, seascapes, streams, ponds). All visual art mediums (except video and sound) are allowed.

All wining artists (Merit Award & Honorable Mention) will receive a digital award certificate.

You may submit 2 images per entry fee. Online submission of digital images via the website.

Image requirements: up to 2.0 MB in file sze; JPG format

Judging criteria:

– originality and quality of art

– demonstration of artistic ability

– interpretation of the theme

– creativity

– overall design

– usage of medium


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Compose the picture so there’s equal space for the subject and the reflection. Water will absorb about two stops of light, so usually appears darker. You could use a graduated neutral-density filter, which is dark on one side to balance the exposures. This can also be done post-processing. Try filling the frame with water. Take the picture just as the waves start to break. You’ll want to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the crest of the wave into animated shapes. When bright sun reflects on water you often get spectacular highlights – super-bright specks of overexposed light. These can be used as graphic elements, and are ideal for creating silhouettes. Bright parts of the image will confuse your camera meter: allow at least +2 stops to avoid underexposure of the rest of the image. When photographing idyllic islands, tilt the camera down to include more sea than sky. This will accentuate the turquoise waters. You could also use a polarising filter to reduce reflections.