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Behind The Mask Art Competition

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Beyond Earth Art Competition

Are you an artist or photographer captivated by the intricate layers of identity and the stories hidden behind the masks we wear? Do you have a special way of seeing and expressing the reality beneath the surface? sale.


  • The Best in Show award comes with a $150 cash prize, a solo exhibition to showcase your winning artwork, and extensive promotion to elevate your profile in the art world.
  • Plus, you qualify for a complementary entry for the Blu Sky Artist Award, offering a chance to win an impressive $500!

Online submission of digital images via the website.

Judging criteria:

  • Cohesiveness
  • Craftsmanship
  • Technical Skill
  • Composition
  • Mastery of Medium
  • Presentation

Image requirements: JPG format.


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The straight lines convey several moods, and each viewer has different opinions while viewing them. Be it vertical lines or horizontal, both portray a diverse choice of interest. For example, you put a line in the middle of the picture, it will divide them in half, and now each part will have a different story. It leaves a dramatic impact on the viewer, just like a tree divided into two halves vertically. Especially for a classic background, straight lines are a perfect choice. Once you start looking at them, there is no way you can escape. It is like a composition building in a viewer's mind. So be sure to compose correctly during a shot because editing cannot fix them in a natural way they are.
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