“Stories” Photography Exhibition

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Grayscale Photography ExhibitionStories connect us, they help us understand ourselves and others. Storytelling is a powerful means of expression and communication. We are excited to explore the tales in your photography. Submit your best conceptual photography today to be considered for this group exhibition!

At least 26 images will be selected by the juror for exhibition at Decode Gallery. The gallery handles all printing for accepted photographers for free

EXHIBITION DATES: March 11 – Apr 1 2023

Online submission of digital images via the website.

Photographers will be notified by email of acceptance on Jan 23.

High Resolution JPGS will be due two days after acceptance email. Gallery opening will be on November 12th.


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One of the most common problems that beginner photographers face is camera shake. Most digital cameras and SLRs have some form of image stabilisation, but it can only go so far when shooting in low light. Usually, images turn out blurry when there is unwanted movement from either the photographer holding the camera or the subject itself. Plus, many compact cameras don't have a lens that can let in enough light. You can compensate for this in a number of ways. Using the camera's built-in flash can be fine for some low light situations, such as quick happy snaps or portraits in dark rooms. An even more effective method is to think about investing in a tripod, which will give you more control in setting up your shot as well. Even if you only ever use automatic settings on your camera, a tripod will help stabilise the camera as the shutter stays open for longer to gather enough light for the final photo.