SE Center Contest “Color photography”

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Seasons 2018 Photography ContestTheme: Color
When practicing analogue or digital photography, one of first and primary aesthetic decision a photographer must make is whether to produce images in monochromatic black & white or color. The photographer must ask him/herself the fundamental question – Would the subject matter, theme, lighting, and concept of the photograph be better served in black and white or color? The Color exhibition explores this essential aesthetic decision that every photographer has to address. A particular emphasis of the Color exhibition will be put on how the photographer incorporates color as a means of creating atmosphere, mood, balance, and rhythm within a photograph.


  • 35-40 Selected images will hang in the SE Center’s main gallery space for approximately one month with the opportunity to be invited for a solo show at a later date.

Juror: Diana Bloomfield

Image requirements: 1200 pixels @72 dpi on the longest side, Images should be in JPEG format, sRGB color space.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.


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Bold, eye-catching pictures can be almost guaranteed if you know how to make good use of contrasting colors. The most striking effect will be created when just two colors from well separated areas of the color spectrum are included in the image, such as red against green, or orange against purple. The use of a color wheel can help you understand the relationship between complementary and contrasting colors. As a general rule, the simplest combinations are the strongest, and the more saturated the colors are, the more eye-catching the result will be.