“Street” Exhibition Open Call

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The Glasgow Gallery of Photography is running a month long exhibition in April called Street. Street photography is one of the most popular genres of photography and can produce a great variety of images. We want you to submit images that you think best showcases Street photography and all the amazing candid moments that it can capture. Street is an open call for photographers to submit up to 8 images that would be considered Street photography.

Exhibition Date: 4 – 29 Apr 2023

Submit up to 8 images of any genre of photography, as long as it showcases the theme Colour. Online submission of digital images via the website.

Image requirements: JPEG format; 300ppi and 3000 Pixels minimum on the shortest side.


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Light is light, so make sure you get the most out of it. While landscape photographers may get up very early to capture the soft dawn light, street photographers can still get great results in strong mid-day sunshine – the prominent shadows and powerful contrast can look great, especially in black and white. Be sensitive to how the light changes in different parts of the street and don’t get stuck to one spot – street photography should involve a lot of walking. When the light starts to fade, don’t be afraid to push up the ISO on your camera or open the aperture wider. Image stabilisation now enables you to stay sharp at much slower shutter speeds, and a grainy/high ISO shot is always better than a soft one. If you are shooting in a candid way, you might only have a split second to capture a street scene as it unfolds – a funny juxtaposition or a striking-looking person engaged in an animated conversation. So if you find a promising scene, be patient and be prepared to wait for the ‘decisive moment.’ Modern autofocus systems are great at capturing fast-moving subjects, or you can pre-focus on a particular spot before somebody walks by, for example.