Black and White Photo Awards 2024

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Black and White Photo Awards 2022Prizes:

  • 1000€  absolute winner
  • 150€  best category photo
  • 100€  second best category photo
  • 250€  special award to creativity


  • Architecture
  • Street
  • Portrait
  • Fauna and Flora
  • Landscapes

Online submission of digital images via the website.

There is no limit of images each artist can submit.

Image requirements:

sRGB or Adobe98 color space.

– The minimum dimension must be 2500 pixels on the long side.

– JPG format.

– No watermarks / Copyright units / Logos on images.

– Borderless photos only.

– Maximum size 100 megabytes.

Finalists must provide a RAW file.


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Black-and-white photography is a wonderful medium for creating fine art in both interpretation and display, in large part because the elucidation of detail is so much more explicit with definitional shades of gray. My image of the herd of elephants against a dramatic sky becomes a powerful environmental statement and an excellent example of when to use black-and-white photography. Dramatic skies can often be blown out because of the extreme range of tonality from brightness to darkness. Black and white provides emphasis where it should be, on the drama and moodiness of the brooding sky. It also accentuates the powerfulness and majesty of the elephant group. One of the best ways that photographers can capture high-quality images, whether colored or monochrome, is to shoot RAW files. Shooting in RAW rather than JPEG retains and preserves the image’s full color information. This is otherwise compressed when you shoot in JPEG. Having more pixels gives you added flexibility and ease when it’s finally time for you to edit and post-process your shots later on. Alternatively, you can shoot in both RAW + JPEG, if you also want to keep a JPEG version of each of your shots.