Black and White Photography Competition

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Black and White Photography CompetitionTheme: Black and White

Black Box Gallery is excited to announce a black and white juried group photo show. There is often a classic, nostalgic and dynamic translation to black and white photography. Black and white has an important tradition of luminous, well-crafted and thoughtfully composed imagery. Contemporary photographers are involved in this dialog of history and tradition, but with their own modern voice, visions and aesthetics of imagery.


  • Exhibition in Black Box Gallery, Portland OregonĀ  (Feb 1-20, 2019)
  • Black Box will provide for free all framing, matting and printing for the exhibitions.

Juror: Todd Johnson

Submission of digital images by email: [email protected]
Image requirements: Jpeg format; 1024 pixels on the longest side at 72 DPI, 2MB or less each (saved). The photographers who are selected into the exhibition will provide a high resolution Tiff file for our gallery to print for the exhibition.


Black and white photo tips:

  • Plan to shoot in black and white prior to actually making a shot. Color often has distraction in the image and monochrome offers the basics of the image – light and dark.
  • Black and white photography loves longer exposures. If shooting water, it may become necessary using polarizer filter on your lens to reduce highlights and reflections.
  • When making a portrait, place and extra attention on the eyes of your subject as black and white photo conveys more emotions and eyes are fundamental for that.
  • Always try shooting in RAW. It will enable you to alter color tone of the image before or when converting it to black and white and reach stronger impact of your photo by empathizing certain textures for example (changing the blue slider affects how dramatic your sky will be).
  • Black and white photography works great creating abstract images. Look for shapes, patterns, textures.
  • Dodging and burning technique gives more freedom in adjusting your image in post processing. You can bring more contrast much better than in a color photo.
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