PH21 Gallery Photo Exhibition “Fading”

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Theme: "Fading"

People and other living creatures have an organic life cycle, and parts of our physical environment also have their cyclic coming into being and decay. The phases that constitute these cycles are unique and characteristic in their development and visual appearance. People, animals, plants, objects and scenes mature and grow old in very different manners. Quite often the penultimate stage of physical existence is characterized by gradual fading, marked by various signs of the approaching end. The photographic interpretations of fading away may range from cold, observing documentation to intimate, subjective involvement.


  • a group exhibition in the new Ráday St. gallery space (August 27 – September 16, 2015)

Juror: Zsolt Bátori

All entrants will be notified 7–10 days after the deadline.

Image requirements: 8 bit JPEG; Adobe RGB or sRGB; longest dimension maximum 1280 pixels; 72 dpi; maximum 1 MB. Entrants selected for the exhibition will be asked to provide a high-resolution TIFF (or JPEG) file for us to have their photograph printed for a standard exhibition copy fee.

Submission of digital photographs by email. You may submit 3, 5, 7, or 10 images; these may be all individual works, but they may also include series of maximum 3 photographs.


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