Henri Cartier-Bresson Award

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The HCB Award is a prize to stimulate a photographer’s creativity by offering the opportunity to carry out a project that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. It is intended for a photographer who have already completed a significant body of work, a talented photographer in the emerging phase of his or her career, with an approach close to that of documentary.

Enter a selection of 15 to 20 photographs by the candidate (maximum size of the prints 30 x 40 cm, not framed, no slides). Books or printed material are accepted and welcome.


  • The HCB Award is of 35 000 Euros. It shall not be divided. The winner must use the prize for carrying out a project which would otherwise be hard to accomplish within the normal conditions of his activity

The winner will be designated by an International Jury composed of 7 prominent personalities in photography, literature, art or cinema. The winner will be announced end of June.

Candidates should be nominated by an institution. Applications from individual photographers will not be considered. The range of potential institutions is broad and has no geographical boundaries: museums, photographic societies, photographers’ agencies, art schools, universities, galleries, magazines, festivals, publishers… are entitled to present a candidate.

Submission of prints and documents by post.


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