The “Love, Captured” Competition

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Theme: Love

Snaps that capture the nature of love, be that happy, sad, fleeting, exciting and whether that be the bond between you and a friend, your family or your partner. Or it could simply be moments that inspire love for you – dipping your toes in the sand on holiday, seeing a breathtaking sunrise or whatever captures that feeling for you.


  • The winner of the overall competition will receive £1,000.
  • Weekly winners will be awarded via Twitter @eHarmonyUK, with prizes ranging from the latest gadgets to handy shopping vouchers.

The winner will be selected on or about 24 April.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Judging criteria:

  • Creativity – use your imagination and express love in all its different forms. Fresh, innovative, well composed and creative shots that surprise or delight the judges will score extra brownie points.
  • Quality – show off your photography skills by taking great quality images. They don’t have to be staged however – natural is often the best way to capture a great love infused moment.
  • Emotion – great photos make you feel something. It’s not about being the perfect pic, it’s about capturing the moment – be that an off the cuff snap from an amateur, or a thought out composition from a pro.

Image requirements: at least 600px wide, 400px high and must be less than 4MB


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