Scottish Urban Deer Photography Competition 2015

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The photographs submitted should be of wild deer found in an urban/built up area in Scotland. Pictures of pets or domestic animals and pictures that were not taken in Scotland will not be admitted.


  1. a day accompanying the Wildlife Operations Unit on a helicopter deer count over a part of the red deer range. The winner will have much opportunity to photograph some of Scotland’s most scenic areas from the sky. This is the most imaginative prize we have seen in any competition; and the most achingly wantable.
  2. The runner up will be equally lucky – treated to a day of photography tuition with resident SNH photographer, Lorne Gill. Lorne is a widely respected photographer and will tailor the day to suit.
  3. In addition to the top 3 photographs, the jury will identify the top images for inclusion in a gallery which will be exhibited at various related events throughout Scotland and on the SNH website.

Winners will be contacted by email by the end of April 2015

A maximum of 3 pictures per photographer will be permitted. Submission of digital images by email.

Image requirements: high resolution .jpeg (12×8 and a maximum of 240dpi)


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