The Award “Golden Camera”

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  • «Photograph of the Year • professionals» – the author of the most memorable and outstanding work, which would be selected by the jury among the numerous pretenders in the professional category.
  • «Photograph of the Year • amateur» – the most interesting and special photograph, selected from «amateur» category. The work shall be taken in 2014.
  • «Spirit of Freedom»– shall be awarded to the author of the most interesting (in the sense and artistic relation) reportage photography. This nomination is mostly for those photojournalists and photographers who made documentary shots of mass protests or people’s fight for their rights and justice.
  • «Discovery of the Year»– the national award. The special award for the young authors (the age o? participant shall be to 30 years) from the amateur category as well as the students, whose works would be considered by the jury as the most interesting and perspective. The task of this nomination is to help novices and promising photographers from Ukraine to start their own creative development.
  • «People’s Choice Award» – is awarded based on the open vote. The work of award finalist, which gathers the highest number of positive responses on the Award`s site.


  1. Architecture: buildings, bridges, industrial facilities, interiors, urban landscapes and elements thereof.
  2. Scenic photography: man in living environment, family, culture, lifestyle.
  3. Journalistic story: reportage, political storylines, sport, war and conflicts, environment, photo essay.
  4. Flora and fauna: macro photography, underwater photography, wild nature, animals.
  5. Portrait: man, woman, child, and group portrait.
  6. Landscape: sunsets-sunrises, seasons, air-photography.
  7. Fine art: still life, collage, nude, abstract.
  8. Conceptual photography.

Each participant can not upload online via the website more than 6 digital images. The series shall mean a few works (from 2 up to 5 photographs), united by the common topic or concept.

Image requirements: JPEG format (the colour model sRGB); no more than 1600 pixels in length and no more than 900 pixels in height; Maximum size of one file shall not exceed 2 MB; no frames, signatures, logotypes, water-marks and any other marks, identifying the author of work, on the photograph.


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