Belfast Photo Festivals Open Exhibition

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Theme: "Spectacle"

Throughout history ‘Spectacle’s create visually stimulating and enthralling trappings that continue to capture the attention of mankind, manifesting in many forms both natural and man-made. Our broad definition includes spectacle in otherness, suffering, death, beauty, decay and subjects that are enlivened by the act or process of photography itself, as well as our desire for the visually enticing image, that moment which excites, exhilarates and entices the curiosity of the viewer. Recognising that ‘Spectacle’ sits at the very heart of photography’s identity and history, we invite photographers to submit photographic projects that interrogate, challenge and extend notions of visual spectacle.

Benefits for selected artists:

  • Exhibition exposure in Belfast and a possible tour
  • Exhibition alongside some of the biggest photographic names as part of a major photographic event
  • Publication and promotion through the Festival and its international partners
  • Being seen by visual arts professionals and the media
  • Being included within a promotional reach in excess of 6 million people

The advised submission guide is 2-6 images per single series/body of photographs. If selected you agree to supply all photographs selected for exhibition, printed and professionally presented (framed/mounted and glassed), ready for hanging. Each entrant can submit a series of up to six images.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.


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