Raindrops Geneva Photography Award 2011

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Rainwater, as a source, is the purest form of fresh water. The aim is to raise awareness in the public of the various advantages that rainwater harvesting offers by providing sustainable access to water


  • The first winner – CHF 1000
  • The second winner – CHF 600
  • The third winner – CHF 400


  • Water is Life, the essential element that supports human, animal and plant life
  • Rain
  • Sacred or ritualized use of water or the celebration of rain in spiritual ceremonies
  • Thirst, scarcity and drought
  • Water distribution, including the politics of water distribution, water as a commodity. Impossibility to provide pipe water in remote regions and the role of harvested rainwater for satisfying of the needs.
  • Rainwater Harvesting, the best tool for adaptation to the climate changes (storms, floods, drought)
  • Rainwater collection, simple technologies at work, water purification

Photography can be both horizontal (landscape orientation) and vertical (portrait orientation) images. All images selected for the prize, exhibition and or publishing will need to be supplied at least as 2000px (long edge), 300 DPI full quality JPG or TIF unsharpened. Black & white and colour images are acceptable. Any use of Photoshop or touch ups should be limited to traditional darkroom techniques. Use of cloning or other digital effects is forbidden and any images thought to be manipulated will be deemed ineligible. Images shot in a photo studio will not be accepted.

Judging criteria:

  • The force and artistic value of the message including technical and aesthetic considerations;
  • The clearly expressed advantages for mankind and nature of the use of Rainwater Harvesting;
  • The pertinence of the presented experiences/examples of realizations in the field of Rainwater Harvesting.

Official website:

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