“Precious Pets” Photo Contest

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You are invited to submit up to three photos that poignantly display that special relationship between people and pets. We are looking for the most touching and heartfelt images!


  • First Place winner receives $300 plus a one year membership with Profotio and their winning image will be displayed on the front page of Profotio.
  • Second place winner receives $150
  • Third Place winner receives $75.00
  • Additionally, second and third place will receive Profotio memberships and their images will be displayed on the front page.

Wining images will be selected on the following criteria:

  • 25% credit to adherence to theme of contest
  • 25% credit to originality of thought
  • 25% to artistic interpretation
  • 25% to photographic skills.

Both color and b&w pictures are accepted. Please submit all images on line. Only JPEG files will be accepted. Images with watermarks, captions and/or borders will not be accepted. The size of the images should be 800 pixels as the largest dimension (width or height.) All layers should be flattened and have a jpg compression quality of 7or 8. Images should be saved with a resolution of 72ppi. Images will be viewed as sRGB profiles. File names should be in the following format: Lastname_Firstname_image1.jpg, Lastname_Firstname_image2.jpg, etc. Do not use special characters. There should only be one period just prior to the file extension (i.e. .jpg). Please note: image title is not the same as file name. Each entrant may submit up to three (3) images.

Official web site:

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