2010 WPGA Annual Photography Competition

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The deadline has been extended until Wednesday 30th 11:59 EDT (or EST)

Our server is temporary down and it is expected to be back online again in a few hours. The server that hosts our site has been hacked and they are doing a disk restore.

In the meantime you may register and submit your images to The WPGA 2010 Competition clicking here.

Since accessing the registration and submission module won’t give you access to the rules and submission specifications, if you need any kind of information, please send an email to [email protected] or see the pdf attached.

Professional, non Professional and Students will compete separately in three different sections in this second edition. There will be 25 categories in each section, and each category will have two genres: single image, and series or portfolios. Each genre will be judged as a different category to encourage a broad spectrum of submissions.


  • Portrait
  • People
  • Culture and Daily Life
  • Self Portrait
  • Wedding
  • Children
  • Figure and Nude
  • Fine Art
  • Landscapes
  • Citiscapes
  • Animals and Wildlife
  • Nature Architecture
  • Abstract
  • Macro and Micro
  • Still Life
  • Sports
  • Performing Arts
  • Fashion
  • Advertising
  • Editorial and Current Affairs
  • Humanitarian Documentary
  • Environmental Issues
  • Alternative Processes
  • Digital Manipulation


  • Professional: WPGA 2010 Professional Photographer of the Year, US$ 5,000 cash prize
  • Non Professional: WPGA Amateur Photographer of the Year, US$ 3,000 cash prize
  • Students: WPGA 2010 Emerging Talent of the Year, US$ 1,500 cash prize
  • Additionally one photographer will receive the WPGA Humanitarian Documentary Grant 2010 and US$ 3,000 cash prize.

There is no limitation as to the number of images or series that may be submitted, or the number of categories to which the image is submitted. A series or portfolio is composed of a minimum of 5 images and a maximum of 8 images composing a coherent body of work.

Digital image files must meet the following specifications: 8 bit JPEG files (CMYK and 16 bits files will not be uploaded), the largest dimension should be 1280 pixels (width or height), resolution of 72 ppi, JPG compression quality of 7 or 8. Layers must be flattened. Images will be viewed by the jurors as RGB images; therefore Adobe RGB or SRGB profiles should be used. Image title may not exceed 40 characters. Please note that image title is the name of the artwork, not the file name. Image title is what the jurors will see when selecting the images.

To Submit click HERE

Official web site:

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