Western Digital BGB Photo And Digital Art Contest

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  • Brent represents the WD Caviar Blue hard drive which is built for reliability and steadiness for everyday computing.
  • Gus represents the WD Caviar Green hard drive which is built to be cool, quiet and eco-friendly for reducing carbon footprint and saving our planet earth.
  • Blake represents the WD Caviar Black hard drive which is built to be fast and powerful for gaming enthusiasts and overclocker fans who want speed at their fingertips.

Theme: We want you to help us identify various elements that could be used to form what you understand about BGB in terms of colors and meaning.


  • Weekly prize – WD Passport 250 Gb (value US$99)
  • 1st prize – Apple MacBook Air plus WD Cavia Black 2 Tb (value US$2,100)
  • 2nd prize – Canon DSLR EOS 500D plus WD Cavia Green 1 Tb (value US$1,100)
  • 3rd prize – Apple iPod Touch 64 Gb plus WD Cavia Blue 750 Gb (value US$510)


The photo should represent BGB in Blue, Green, Black, full colored treatment. Black and White entries will not be accepted. Edited images will be accepted. Each participant is limited to maximum of 5 entries.

Entry specification:
· File Format: JPG or JPEG
· Resolution: Minimum of 640 x 480 (Full Original Resolution is required for winning entries to verify authenticity)
· Filesize: Maximum of 1MB

Official web site:

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