TBM Winter Photo Contest

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Theme: Winter

Category: Landscapes

Winter can be an introspective and reflective time of the year. This is the season when certain activities slow down. Winter can be a time for hibernation, colder weather and shorter days. There is a certain quiet beauty that comes with this season and many photographers actually prefer this time as more of the surroundings are exposed. Submitted images should reflect this thoughtful time. Winter brings us opportunities that are unique and absolutely different from the rest of the seasons. There are so many unusual and unique designs that are available from the newly fallen snow and frozen water

Awards: Recognition will be given to First Place, Second Place, and Third Place. In Addition 3 Honorable Mentions will be selected. All awarded images will be displayed on TeraBella Media along with the artist’s contact information.

  • First Place winner will receive a gallery listing of five of his or her images on (a TBM company) and a marketing evaluation /consultation of their work from LightBox Solutions.
  • Second and Third Place Winners will each receive a marketing evaluation/consultation of their work also from LightBox Solutions.


  • Both color and b&w pictures are accepted. Only JPEG files will be accepted. The size of the images should be 800pixels as the largest dimension (width or height.) All layers should be flattened and have a jpg compression quality of 7or 8. Images should be saved with a resolution of 72ppi. Images will be viewed as sRGB profiles.
  • File names should be in the following format: Lastname_Firstname_image1.jpg, Lastname_Firstname_image2.jpg, etc. Do not use special characters. There should only be one period just prior to the file extension (i.e. .jpg). Please note: image title is not the same as file name.
  • Each entrant may submit up to three images.
  • Submit images for consideration to: [email protected]. Include your name, address, phone number, email address and website URL.

Official web site:

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