2009 International iPhone Photography Contest

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photo contest international iphone competition award photography

  • seven snaps tell a story
  • seven snaps teach a lesson
  • seven snaps make us laugh
  • seven snaps unravel a secret
  • seven snaps show our talent

 What do your seven snaps reveal?

Seven Snaps is all about a daily lifestyle: capturing the world with our mobile phone. Seven Snaps challenges you to be creative and share the fun of telling a story in a sequence of seven images. To connect space, language, culture, expressions and visualization and freeze it in seven snaps. Our aim is to promote mobile photography in a snap culture-based society. And make it a fun and active way of connecting people through shared interests. We cooperate with the promissing dutch company Mobypicture, a distributor of mobile pictures to social media platforms.

Grab your iPhone  and share your seven snaps with the world!


The winning entries will be rewarded (iPhone 3GS) and will be published in a book and exposed in a public environment.


How to join the contest:

  1. install Mobypicture at your iPhone and register at
  2. upload your seven snaps with the moby app and use hashtag #7s in the title of all seven snaps
  3. register at Seven Snaps with your mobypicture login and PIN
  4. arrange your entry and enjoy others at

The most funny, touching and amazing seven snaps will be selected around Christmas by an international jury of diverse creative backgrounds including the writer Paulo Coelho, composer Max Richter and sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor.

Official web site:


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