The Four Seasons Photography Contest

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photo contest competition photography awardsThe theme for this contest is the celebration of the Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. All images should have a seasonal element and be submitted based on the season appropriate to the location in which it was taken. WPGA would like to see images celebrating the seasons -in landscapes, cityscapes, people at work or on holidays, as well as images expressing the impact of the seasons on living conditions. In this sense documentary images are also welcome provided they represent a story related to a specific season. Although documentary can but does not necessarily mean drama and tragedy: it can also relate the joy of a summer camp or the happiness of a good harvest.

Prize: The winner of WPGA The Four Seasons contest will be awarded a paid trip, including lodging, to Nepal, India or Bangladesh, where he will have the chance to work with G.M.B. Akash on a 10-day photographic project to be decided and agreed by both winner and juror. Date and location of the trip will be freely discussed and chosen between juror and the awarded photographer. In case the winner decide not to travel (or cannot travel) the award will consist in a cash prize of $3,000 US dollars.


All images are submitted online as digital files. Photographers with analog images are encouraged to participate by scanning their images into a digital file that meets the submission requirements.

Prepare your images as required before beginning the submission process. Submissions are only accepted via the online process. Submissions as email attachments, on CD, or prints are not allowed in this competition and will not be returned. Digital image files must meet the following specifications: 8 bit JPEG files (CMYK and 16 bits files will not be uploaded), the largest dimension should be 1280 pixels (width or height), resolution of 72 ppi, JPG compression quality of 7. Layers must be flattened. Images will be viewed by the jurors as RGB images; therefore Adobe RGB 98 or SRGB profiles should be used. Image title may not exceed 40 characters. Please note that image title is the name of the artwork, not the file name. Files may contain a maximum of 25 characters, not counting .jpg. The file name may not include characters such as #, $, &, periods or other similar characters as part of the file. There will be one period in the file name, just prior to the file extension (i.e. filename.jpg).

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