2010 Marine Wildlife and Seascape Photo Contest

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marine photo contest award competition photography

Subject matter must consist of marine wildlife or marine habitats, and must be photographed in a natural setting. Shots of aquariums, pools or other captive locations will not be accepted. Photographs of divers touching or stressing marine wildlife will not be accepted.


  • Grand Prize: $750 gift certificate
  • Second Place: $250 gift certificate
  • Third Place: $75 gift certificate
  • Honorable Mentions (up to 4 winners): Exclusive Ocean Conservancy T-shirt.


A maximum of five (5) entries will be accepted per entrant.
Each entry can be in the following format:

  • Photo CD (photos must be a 6" x 9" scan at 300dpi in a jpeg or tiff format): Photos must not be digitally altered outside of what can be done in a darkroom to be considered. Lo resolution will not be considered.
  • Each entry must be labeled with the name of the photographer, the name, date and location of the subject, and be the property of the entrant
  • A completed and signed entry form must accompany all submissions.  

Send your entries with the completed and signed entry form below to:

Ocean Conservancy
Attn: Photo Contest
1300 19th Street, NW
8th Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Official web site:


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