International Equine Art Competition

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horse photo contest competition award

Theme: Live horse
Photo should include the image or suggestion of a real, live horse in some way.

Prizes include rosettes for first place through third place for each category.  First place and overall winners receive custom glass awards and one copy Ex Arte Equinus III programme book will be awarded to each first place artist and overall Award winners.  Winning works will be included in issue #10 (Winter, 3/10) of Art Horse Magazine and in the published show programme book as an opportunity to present the work to an international audience of equine art collectors and enthusiasts.


Digital or film photography (alternative film or traditional film types of images and /or processing), color or black and white.  Artists may be asked to provide the original RAW file if a digital image is in question as to the amount of reworking. Any image entered into an inappropriate division will be moved by the jurors into the correct division at the time of judging without penalty to the artist.


  • Digital images which have been post-processed in accordance to good-faith practices.  This includes the following:  cropping, burning, dodging, removal of small distractions (such as a pole or a fly), minor brightness/contrast adjustment, minor color enhancement, or color to b/w, sepia.  Any such work must preserve the image’s original expression.
  • Images straight from the camera
  • A darkroom-printed image (including a scanned darkroom image retouched as above)

Not Acceptable:

  • Images with digitally painted or pasted backgrounds, foregrounds, layers, or subjects, or any image which is entirely computer-drawn or computer-created.  Please enter such work into the Digital Art division.
  • Any image that has been heavily reworked digitally (e.g.: Photoshop) such that it is drastically different than its original, and is a separate work of art from the original rather than an ‘improved’ version.  Please enter such work into the Digital Art division.
  • Any image that has been retouched enough to be considered more ‘painting’ than photograph.   Please enter such work into the Digital Art division.
  • Collages or scrapbook type works
  • Any image that does not show or suggest a real, live horse in some way.  ‘Still life’ images (such as with tack, boots, etc) must also include a suggestion of the live horse in the image.


  • Files must be AT LEAST 2mb in file size.
  • Files must be NO LARGER than 10 mb in file size.
  • Files accepted in JPG, TIF or  PNG.  Use RGB color, quality set at ‘best/highest’, file size should equal approximately 8×10 inches at 300dpi.  See our tips pages for full explanation on how to prepare your files: and
  • Important: do NOT use ‘sharpen’or ‘noise reduction’ filters on your image files.
  • Image should be properly oriented (‘top’ of image is top as viewed on a monitor).
  • Filenames should begin with artist’s last name, then entry number to correspond with each work listed on the accompanying entry form (example: Smith_1.jpg, Smith_2.jpg, etc).
  • Send your files via email to: (total size per email is 10mb, so you may need to send multiple emails)

Official web site:


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