Everlasting Summer Moments Photo Contest

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"Summer is at its height which means that the time of vacations, travel, and heat is in its swing! Freezing here at air-conditioned office, we want you to breathe some sunny vibrant energy into our white as snow bodies. We want to share the fun summer moments with you that will warm us up throughout the year.
We are looking for photos that reveal the spirit of summer. We want to see tropical beaches, gorgeous sunsets, summer fields, flowers in full bloom and many more. Take us on a rocking road trip across the country, or fly us to some exotic land to feel what the summer is like there. Have us watch families picnic, children play, outdoorsmen fish, and the youth dance. Show us what SUMMER means to you!"


  • The 1st place Grand winner will receive $1000 in cash in addition to being featured in the interview as the winner on
  • The 2nd place winner will be awarded a free Ecommerce ReadyPhotoSite Package.
  • The 3rd place winner will get a free Advanced ReadyPhotoSite Package.
  • The Premium winners will be awarded the free Advanced ReadyPhotoSite Packages each.


One entrant can submit no more than one photo for the contest (choose the best one!). Please submit your photos as .jpg or .png. We recommend submitting high resolution images (minimum 300 dpi), up to 5 MB. If you choose to submit lower resolution files for review purposes, please confirm that higher resolution versions are available.
The photo should be taken in the summer of 2009. The summer pics from previous years are not eligible.

To enter, use the submission form or email at contest [at] readyphotosite [dot] com. All the entrants will be required to provide an entry, which will include: entrant’s name, email address, website address or link to the profile on some photo sharing website like Flickr, digital image, image caption and the short story behind it. Please submit images that are relatively large.

Official web site and submission form:


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