2009 River to Well Photo Competition

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The 2009 River to Well Photo Competition will use 100% of the entry fees to build wells for villages that have no alternative to unsafe water and sanitation.


Winners will be selected for First, Second, and Third  place  for  each  division.  A  single  Best  in  Show  will  also  be  selected  for  each  of  the  three  divisions. A  River  to  Well  Photo  Competition  Outdoor  Exhibition  will  be  held  on  the  Lawrence ArtWalk weekend, October 10 -11, 2009 in Downtown Lawrence, KS in front of US Bank on 9th & Massachusetts street featuring all the winning photos.  Details will be posted on as
the event approaches. Prizes of valuable consideration (such as merchandise or gift certifcates) will    be awarded to Best in Show selections and to other winning photographers according to the number of winners and availability of prizes. 


  • PEOPLE:    Individuals or groups engaged in daily life, festivals, ceremonies, etc.
  • PLACES:    Landscape, architecture, monuments, etc.
  • CULTURAL TRACES:    Still life of utilitarian objects, icons, artifacts, etc. which are unique and/or intrinsic to a particular culture (**Must be taken OUTSIDE of the United States)
  • FLORA & FAUNA:    Plants and animals


All digital entries must be submitted online at Digital entries must be in JPEG format, no less than 250 dpi, and no greater than 5mb in size. If saved through Photoshop, the quality must be set to no less than 10. All physical entries submitted must be printed on high quality photo paper (including, but not limited to, inkjet, silver negative, and conventional color processing) and must not exceed a size and shape of 8 X 10 to the River to Well address listed below. Slides, transparencies, or any other media will not be accepted.


Official web site:

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