The WedComp Winter 2008 Competition

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The categories:

Getting Ready: Funny, intense, touching, joyous. You name it. Some of the strongest images from a wedding come from these preparations. Impress the judges with your ability to pull that definitive moment from the hectic environment that is Getting Ready. This category is for any images leading up to the processional that is not a portrait.

Ceremony: Getting unique images that transcend the formality and rigidity of a wedding ceremony means being on your toes at all times. Great shots present themselves and disappear in an instant. This category is for any images from the processional to recessional that is not a portrait.

Portrait: Rarely is there much time to get amazing portraits on the wedding day. Great wedding day portraits have to happen quickly, and very often, on the fly with changing conditions and unique challenges. The resourceful photographer will get amazing portraits in any situation, and those images should tell the viewer a little something about the couple. Creativity is key. Go crazy. This category is for any images that are portraits, be they a single person all the way through an entire wedding party.

Reception: Receptions can be best described as controlled chaos punctuated with periods of quiet stagnation. You’re either in a race against time or you’re watching the clock crawl along. A photographer will shine with their ability to make good use of any of these situations and pull amazing images out of those unexpected, uncontrolled moments. This category is for any image from after the recessional to the formal exit so long as the shot is not a portrait.

First through third placements in each category will be awarded prizes as outlined on the prizes page. The judges will determine the best image overall from the first place winners of each category. The overall winner will also take a cash award of $1000USD and a one year subscription to a Clickbooq site.


Images entered must be the original work of the entrant and must have been photographed at a wedding between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008. Images from workshops, model shoots or get-togethers are not eligible for entry. Images entered must be in the sRGB color space and sized to 950 pixels on the longest side and must be at 72ppi. Alternative crops such as square or panoramic are allowed provided they are sized according to the requirements. No conditions or restrictions are placed on treatment or post production with one exception. No text or logos of any kind are permitted on the image. Including text or logos on an image will result in that image being disqualified. Only the person purchasing entry credits may use them. Spouses, significant others or studio partners and teams are welcome to enter but must purchase entries separately. Entry fees are non-refundable. Unused entry credits expire when the competition closes. Credits do not carry over to the next competition.

Entry page:

Official web page:

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