Subject Matters Photo Contest

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Submit your photographic interpretation of the current topic. Then see others and at the end of two weeks we’ll pick and post a few of our favorites.

Current topic: puppies


  1. Upload Your Photo to Sosauce (Instructions)
  2. If you haven’t already registered, you must create an account with Sosauce
    (click to register).
  3. To upload your photos, click on the Upload button on either the Photo Sticky in your Sosauce Home or in the left column of any page in the Photo application. Once you click on Upload, you will be presented with three options: Basic, Guided, or Fast mode. The Basic mode provides a web-based uploading tool. While not as feature rich as Guided or Fast modes, this mode can still allow you to upload multiple photos at once. Since it doesn’t require the installation of an additional upload control, it is also useful if you are behind firewalls or if you are traveling. The Guided and Fast modes are more feature rich. To use these modes, you will be prompted for a very quick, easy, and safe installation of an upload control.
  4. Tag your photo with ‘Noise’ (Instructions)
  5. You can add tags for your photos in the Describe page or in the page with a big photo and a slider.

    In the Describe page, you can add tags individually by typing the tag into the textbox with the header "Tags." Or you can use the top textbox framed by a yellow background to add the same tags for all the photos in the Describe page. To do so, type in the tag names in the top textbox, and then click on the dropdown menu to the left of the textbox to select the "Add These Tags" option. Then, click on the Apply button to complete the changes. Be sure to click on Save after you are done. Note: When you are inserting multiple tags, be sure to separate them with commas.

    In the page with a big photo and a slider, you can add tags by clicking on the word "Tags" with an arrow next to it; "Tags" is located just below "Photo Details." Clicking the "Photo Details" text will cause the menu to drop down, revealing the area in which you can add tags. Find the text "Click here to edit tags" and click on it (Note: when you mouse over the instructions, you will also see a blue highlight, telling you that this area is clickable). On click, a textbox would appear, and you can input your tags. Once you are done, simply hit Enter or click off the textbox to save."

  6. Make sure your photo is in a Public album (Instructions)

Offcial web site:

photo competitions

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