2008 Photograhy Contest On Route 66

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  • Abstract – Can be color or black and white.
  • Animal – Photo must be an animal as the main subject.
  • Black and White – Any subject matter.
  • Landscape – Includes plant life, water and/or the natural outdoor setting.
  • Plant Life – Must have a plant or part of a plant as the main subject.
  • Portrait/People – A representation of a person, posed and/or close-up. Can be in a casual setting or formal.
  • Special Effects/Manipulated – Can be color or black and white but altered in the darkroom or with computer software.
  • Still-Life – An arrangement of inanimate objects.
  • Structures – Any type of building or man-made structure, large or small.
  • Theme – “Life on Route 66”. Can be color or black and white but representing landmarks, events, people, etc. that is relevant to Route 66.
  • Theme – “Salute to the American Farmer”. Can be color or black and white but representing the American Farmer.

1. Entries are open to all ages of amateur photographers. Depending on the number of entries received categories may be divided by age. In such case, the age categories would be: Youth ages 18 and under and Adult ages 19 and older.
2. Black and white and color photos may be entered.
3. Any type of camera may be used.
4. Photos must be taken by the exhibitor.
5. Entry fee per photo is $3. Awards will be given to top 3 winners in each category. All participants will receive a participation ribbon. An overall winner, “Judge’s receive special recognition. The public is invited to photos are on display during the Route 66 celebration in Riverton, KS June 12-14, 2008.
6. Overall size of the exhibit, including mat, must be no larger than 11×14 and no smaller than 11×12  .
7. Photos must be permanently mounted on mount board or foam core board with photographic mounting tissue, tape or spray. Poster board and rubber cement are not allowed.
8. Frames and glass are not permitted. NO FRONT MOUNT framings are to be used.
9. No lettering is permitted on the front of the photo or mount. Dates are considered to be lettering. 10. All entries must be in protective plastic. Clear two-gallon Ziploc bags or professional plastic sleeves work well. Each entry must be placed in a separate bag. No plastic grocery bags. 11. Each entry must have a completed entry form attached to the center back of the entry. 12. Entries not adhering to contest rules will have points deducted from the score.
13. Exhibits will be released and returned via US Mail or UPS the week following the judging.
Please include return postage or prepaid UPS label and packaging with entry.  14. Any entry without return postage will become the property of Full Spectrum Imaging. 15. Photos will be returned the week of June 23, 2008.
16. If you would like confirmation that your entries have been received, please provide your email address on the entry form. 17. The decision of the judge(s) is final.


Full Spectrum Imaging Photo Contest

c/o 7082 SE 66th Terr #B

Riverton KS 66770

Official web site:

Download entry form in PDF or Word

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