Monthly Challenge – Digital Photography Competitions

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Monthly Challenge is a friendly photography community (similar to a photography Club) which came about as a result of a number of photographers in Australia and New Zealand wanting to challenge their own creativity in an attempt to achieve inspirational images.On a monthly basis you compete against other photographers in the Monthly Challenge community with a set theme.

Judging is done by the competing photographers and other members of the community at the end of each monthly contest.

The winner of the Monthly Challenge competition will have their image displayed on the front page of our site for the following month for the world to see.

February 2008 Competition Theme: “Reflections”

Official web site:

In order to compete and vote on any of our competitions you will need to create a free user account and login.

Then browse to the competition gallery and select the current month’s album in the competition in which you wish to compete.

From there select the Add Items link (bottom left corner of page). If you don’t see this link either, you may not be logged, submissions are closed or you are not eligible to enter. For further information about the upload options take a look at the Uploading Images page.

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