The Erotic Review’s Photographer of the Year Prize 2008 – Extended

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The Erotic Review is pleased to announce that by popular request, we will now
be accepting artwork on CD.  In light of the extra administration work we are
now extending the deadline to Wednesday 23rd January 2008. 

Our aim for the competition is that it will be the first major internationally recognised annual erotic photo competition award of its type.

We do not intend to censor, categorise or theme “erotica”, this is simply an erotic photography competition for exceptional erotic imagery. We have placed only a few restrictions for photographs suitable for the Erotic Photography Award and that it must represent sexuality of a single person or between consenting adults. We will not tolerate any works that include references to minors or animals! Otherwise we want to encourage imagery expressing all aspects of sexuality and subject matter, heterosexual, gay and lesbian, transsexual, fetish and other alternative lifestyles.

The overall winner will receive an award of £1,000 and a feature spread in the Erotic Review magazine and competition book.

Entry and payment are completed online.

All selected entries will be featured on the Erotic Photography Award web site, with links to the photographer’s web site.

How to Submit your work

More information is here

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