The 2008 Refuge Photo Contest

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The National Wildlife Refuge Association announces the 2008 Refuge Photo Contest – a digital photo contest to showcase America’s national wildlife refuges.


The National Wildlife Refuge System has no equal when it comes to conserving our nation’s rich wildlife heritage. The over 545 refuges are home to more than 700 bird species, 220 mammal species, 250 reptile and amphibian species, and over 200 species of fish. Such a diverse array of wildlife means that the Refuge System contains both rare and common types of habitat — everything from southwest desert to arctic tundra. For 40 million visitors each year, refuges provide a welcome retreat to natural surroundings. That’s why we are pleased to conduct this exciting national wildlife refuge digital photo contest.

Images can be of birds, mammals, insects, fish, other animals, plants, people, or refuge scenery, in short, almost any sight at a national wildlife refuge can be submitted for this contest.

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A list of all Prizes.


  • Photos must be taken at a refuge in the National Wildlife Refuge System or at a refuge-associated Waterfowl Production Area. Visit the Refuge System website or use this map to find a national wildlife refuge near you.
  • The photo must have been taken on or after January 1, 2005.
  • To be eligible, entries must be submitted in digital format by upload through this website. E-mailed entries will not be accepted. Photos may be submitted by upload after 9 AM Eastern time October 15, 2007. Uploads must be completed by Midnight Eastern time on December 15, 2007. No late submissions accepted. The Sponsor is not responsible for any circumstances that interfere with timely uploads.
  • Photographs will be accepted only from the original photographer who must be the sole author and the owner of the copyright for photos submitted.
  • A photographer may submit up to 10 digital images.

Submission Requirements



Official web site:


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