“All You Can Rate : Photo Edition” weekly photo contest

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All You Can Rate : Photo Edition is an online photo contests community where amateur/pro photographers can participate to weekly contests in order to improve their skills by getting rated and commented on their submissions – plus it’s 100% free!


Your submission must be:

  • taken with a digital camera that records EXIF data.
  • a JPEG(.jpg), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png) file.
  • no larger than 1Mb (1024 Kbytes). Images that are over 1Mb will automatically be refused.taken by you.

You must:

  • create your entry from a single capture.
  • comply with the Terms of Use.

You may:

  • use any feature of your camera while photographing your entry.
  • crop, rotate and resize your entry.

You may not:

  • spot-edit your entry, except to remove sensor dust or hot pixels.
  • hold more than one account, ask anyone to vote on your behalf, or link to your entry’s voting page.
  • submit more than one entry per contest.
  • use ANY editing tool to create new image area, objects or features (such as lens flare or motion) that didn’t already exist in your original capture.
  • add graphics, clip art, computer-rendered images or parts of other photographs to your entry.
  • add text to your entry. This includes copyright statements.
  • distort or stretch your image in any way.
  • submit a photograph depicting male or female genitalia, or acts of sex deemed inappropriate by AllYouCanRate : Photo Edition Staff.

More information and this week’s theme – here

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