“Yellow” Art Competition

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"Yellow" Art CompetitionThe theme may include any work with depiction of the color “Yellow” or shades of Yellow (beige, lemon yellow, canary yellow, golden yellow).

All winning artists will receive a digital award certificate, First, second and third place will be largely displayed with an article  about the artist and  their work. Winning artwork (first place) will be on the poster of the show. Depending on the number and quality of all submissions received, Special Merit awards and Honorable Recognition awards may also be presented.

2 images may be submitted per entry fee. There is no limit to the number of entries per artist

Image requirements: up to 1.5 MB in file size; JPG format

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Judging criteria: creativity, interpretation of the theme, originality and quality of art, overall design, demonstration of artistic ability, and usage of medium.


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Taking photos while facing the sun is typically not a good idea, but there’s a simple trick for getting great silhouette pictures while doing this. Silhouettes are where your subject is rendered as a dark or black outline against a brighter background. Little or no detail is captured within the subject’s shadowy form, and the focus of interest is usually a sharp, crisp edge around the subject. Choose your subject and then position yourself so the sun is directly behind that subject or another object in the photo. Depending upon what your subject is, you can allow a bit of the sun to be visible. This creates a ray of light that shines into the frame. Move around to see if you prefer a silhouette or partial silhouette, with the sun in or out of the frame. Another option, especially if your subject is a long way off, is to use an object in the foreground as a way to shield the sun.