Minimalism Art Competition

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Beyond Earth Art Competition

Ten Moir Gallery is thrilled to announce submissions into the “Minimalism” art competition are open. The art of minimalism invites us to strip away the unnecessary, focusing on essential elements and creating a sense of balance, harmony, and purity. We invite you to immerse yourself in this aesthetic and let your artistic expressions speak volumes through the power of minimalism. Open to artists from all backgrounds, mediums, and locations. Whether you specialize in painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media or any other form of visual art, we welcome your submissions. The competition promises not only exposure but also a chance to win our Best in Show award.


  • Best in Show – $150 Cash Prize
  • Exhibition Dates: Dec 11, 2023 – Jan 10, 2024

Online submission of digital images via the website.

Image requiements: JPG format.


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The straight lines convey several moods, and each viewer has different opinions while viewing them. Be it vertical lines or horizontal, both portray a diverse choice of interest. For example, you put a line in the middle of the picture, it will divide them in half, and now each part will have a different story. It leaves a dramatic impact on the viewer, just like a tree divided into two halves vertically. Especially for a classic background, straight lines are a perfect choice. Once you start looking at them, there is no way you can escape. It is like a composition building in a viewer's mind. So be sure to compose correctly during a shot because editing cannot fix them in a natural way they are.