“Color” Photography Competition

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"Color" Photography CompetitionTheme: “Color Burst: Contemporary Photography”

Black Box Gallery is excited to announce a color photography juried group photo show. Contemporary color photography has a big range of dynamic colors being used for landscape, portraiture, architecture, fashion, street, abstract, documentary, still life, narrative, conceptual projects, nature and night photography. How do photographers use color to think about, compose, stylize and captivate and present contemporary photography?


  • Exhibition in Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon  (Dec 1-20, 2023)
  • Black Box will provide for free all framing, matting and printing for the exhibitions.

Juror: Todd Johnson

Submission of digital images by email: [email protected]
Image requirements: Jpeg format; 1024 pixels on the longest side at 72 DPI, 2MB or less each (saved). The photographers who are selected into the exhibition will provide a high resolution Tiff file for our gallery to print for the exhibition.


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The next time you’re out with your camera, look for your favorite color. Methodically create your photographs around it. In the past few years, orange has regularly appeared in my photographs. I attribute this to the ‘construction orange’ that is all around me as my city rebuilds post-earthquake. Although it’s not my favourite color, rich oranges have become a staple in my photography. Try these techniques to see what works best for you when it comes to using color in photography. Use your digital camera to create compositions full of color. Fill the frame with two or three hues in an abstract composition. Use a macro or zoom lens to get close and make sure that the light is consistent across the surface. Photograph the color in an unexpected location for visual interest. A vivid floral green shirt in a sea of black suits makes a statement. Photograph the same color in different settings, such as nature, architecture, landscape, urban, and portrait. Create a focal point by capturing your favourite color surrounded by a neutral shade. Venture into the night to see how color photographs turn out when they’re artificially lit.