Project Exhibition 2023: Truth, Lies and Vision

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Street Shooting Around the World Exhibition 2017The theme is Truth, Lies and Vision


  • 1st Place winner will receive $1,000;
  • 2nd Place winner will receive a $500 LACP gift card;
  • 3rd Place winner will receive $250 LACP gift card.

The juror: Andrea Jenkins Wallace

A project series is defined as a body of work with at least six images sharing a common thread/theme.

Image requirements: JPG format; 1200 pixels on the long side at 72 dpi


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Window lighting is probably my favourite indoor photography lighting. You can use it for anything. Window lighting is a form of side lighting and heavily dependent on the distance from the light source. Light disperses about the room, spreading the light about, as this distance increases. The closer the subject is to the window, the more the light will wrap around. This is similar to what happens when using softboxes. Moving the subject away from the window creates harder shadows and stronger contrast between the two sides of the face. Natural window light can be the best way to brighten a subject. Natural light that is reflected off of surfaces can change an entire photograph. It can be reflected off of walls, the ground, or any other surface. This reflected light creates a soft glow. When the sky bounces light off the surfaces on the ground, the color of the entire scene starts to change. This is demonstrated in the photo below. The light bouncing off the yellow walls casts a reflection on the girl’s face.