“Seasons” Exhibition Open Call

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The Glasgow Gallery of Photography is running a month long exhibition in November called Seasons. Depending on where you are in the world, you might experience different seasons than we do here or if you are lucky like us experience four seasons in one day. We want to see your images of the different seasons that you experience from where ever you are in the world.

Seasons is an open call for photographers to submit up to 8 images that meet the theme Seasons.

Exhibition Date: 1 – 29 Nov 2023

Submit up to 8 images of any genre of photography, as long as it showcases the theme. Online submission of digital images via the website.

Image requirements: JPEG format; 300ppi and 3000 Pixels minimum on the shortest side.


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Summer offers many opportunities, but bright sunny days challenge photographers. Modern cameras don’t have the ability to capture the incredible dynamic range that our eyes can see. On a bright sunny day, we must drop the exposure to avoid over exposing the highlights in our photographs. This causes the shadow areas to darken, often beyond the point of recovery. High contrast light and shadow can work for black and white photography, however some extra care is needed to avoid unflattering shadows. On the flip side, the hot weather creates storms, and skies are most interesting after stormy weather. Cloudy days offer soft light and help colours ‘pop’. For even better light, photograph your best images close to sunrise and sunset. Summer days are much longer and hotter. This forces photographers to shoot in the early mornings and late evenings. This isn’t always convenient, but it’s important to sell the advantages of a golden-hour session. In the summer daytime, seek shade, use lighting or reflectors to fill the shadows, and be safe in the sun. When photographing dogs in the summer, be mindful of the dog’s condition, use the shade, and bring water. Keeping photo shoots to an hour or less is advisable.