PhotoVogue’s Global Open Call 2023

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PhotoVogue’s Global Open Call 2023Online submission of digital images via the website.

Theme: What is Beauty

As all corners of the world experience cultural shifts, so too must the idea of beauty evolve. We are no longer constrained by gender, perfection, and homogeny: Beauty is not a box to be checked, a pass-fail test based on antiquated norms. It is ever expanding, and always evolving, as we liberate ourselves from tired stereotypes that previously dominated our cultural landscape. Never before has expression been more diversified, and representation more far-reaching.

We are looking for artists who work across formats, whether through photography, video, or both, who address the question: What does beauty mean today? We welcome every kind of visual aesthetic—from realism to fantasy, documentary-inspired to glam, direct to suggestive. We will also accept projects created with AI, as long as its use is disclosed.


  • PhotoVogue is endorsed by all 27 editions of Vogue worldwide. If your work is selected, you will be part of the main exhibition at the 2023 PhotoVogue Festival in Milan and will have the chance to be featured in an issue of Vogue.
  • Additionally, we will select two artists who submit the most compelling and meaningful work and award them each a $5,000 grant to further their artistic endeavors and support their growth.

September 2023 – Announcement of the selected artists

Image requirements: Enter 5 – 10 images with at least 3000px on the long side.

Online submission of digital images via the website.


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The type of fashion photography you do, along with choosing a full-frame or crop-sensor camera, will determine what type of lenses you need. You will also want to keep the camera’s manufacturer in mind because most lenses are not interchangeable. For the most part, you will want a prime lens that is 50-millimeters. This lens is ideal for shooting most indoor fashion models and can help shoot outdoor shots, staying about the same distance away from the model. Choose a lens with an aperture setting between f1.2 and f1.8 as they provide a good depth of focus. Choosing a lens with a higher aperture allows more light to enter the camera. While it is true that a prime lens will always provide a better image than a telephoto lens, if you want one lens that will accommodate most fashion photography work, choose a 24–75-millimeter lens with at least an f2.8 aperture. Photographers shooting runway and red-carpet shots often use this lens because it allows them to shoot multiple types of images without changing lenses. Always consider what lens you can shoot with comfortably to bring a tripod, monopod, ball head, quick release plate.