Taking Pictures 2023 Photography Competition

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Taking Pictures 2019 Photography CompetitionTheme: Open Theme

Black Box Gallery is excited to announce an open themed juried group photo show. Show us your favorite photographic shots! Open to all themes and ideas, all styles and genres, all perspectives on crafsmanship and photographic creativity. Great opportunity for landscape, architecture, portraiture, documentary, fashion, still life, conceptual projects, street, color and black and white, nature, night photography. This will be a fun show with a great diversity of photographs!


  • Exhibition in Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon  (April 1-20, 2023)
  • Black Box will provide for free all framing, matting and printing for the exhibitions.

Juror: Todd Johnson

Submission of digital images by email: [email protected]
Image requirements: Jpeg format; 1024 pixels on the longest side at 72 DPI, 2MB or less each (saved). The photographers who are selected into the exhibition will provide a high resolution Tiff file for our gallery to print for the exhibition.


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When it comes to taking a good photo, spend some time exploring the setting and lighting options around you. Lighting impacts the mood, tone and atmosphere of your photo so the more natural light the better. Ideally, you’ll want to forget the flash and make the most of any natural light available. The most impressive shots often focus on just one interesting subject within the wider setting so when taking a photo spend some time thinking about positioning and proportion. Position your subjects so they’re well-lit from the front and avoid strong artificial light from behind. You’ll also want to factor in negative space (the area around the subject) to ensure your subject really stands out. Think about what you have around you that you can harness to create interest in your photo. For example, water can create breathtaking reflections, whilst stormy skies create a foreboding ambience. Look for symmetry, repetitive patterns, and leading lines all of which can be extremely pleasing to the eye and help to create an awesome photo.