Viviane Esders Prize Competition

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Viviane Esders Prize CompetitionA prize that rewards the career of a professional European photographer over 60 years old, who is independent and still active. As a major player in the world of photography, Viviane Esders is continuing her commitment by creating the eponymous prize.


  • A financial endowment of €60,000 offered by Viviane Esders
  • Part of which will be devoted to the potential usefulness of the grant as detailed by the candidate in his or her note of intent
  • A part reserved by the winner (€10 000) for the production of a book on his or her work

November 2023: Announcement of the winner and award ceremony of the Prix Viviane Esders

Enter a portfolio of forty images (with dates and titles or captions) summarising the photographic achievement (JPG format, each image file not exceeding two mega). The selection must be ac-companied by a short overall pre-sentation text and/or a short text per series of photographs

Online submission of digital images via the website.


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Do a little test: pick a stationary subject that’s set against a clean background. While looking through the viewfinder, mentally divide your framed scene into thirds, or take advantage of the camera’s vertical and horizontal compositional gridlines. Take your first photo by placing your subject dead center. Next, slightly move the camera to position your subject where the lines intersect at the upper left hand corner, then take a photo. For a third capture, move the camera to place your subject in the lower right hand section of the frame where the lines meet. Now look at each shot on the LCD. What emotion does each image evoke? As a general rule, dividing your scene into thirds, then placing a subject where the points intersect, will make a more pleasing image. A photo where the subject lands dead center of the frame is seldom interesting. Select your subject, use the camera’s Focus Lock, then reframe by moving the camera to reposition your subject to one of the intersection points.