“Nature” Online Art Contest

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"Nature" Online Art ContestWe call artists and photographers to submit their best artworks related to the world of nature (flora and fauna, landscapes, seascapes, skies, etc).

The Best of Show winning artwork will be displayed as the poster of the show.

All wining artists (Merit Award & Honorable Mention) will receive a digital award certificate.

You may submit 2 images per entry fee. Online submission of digital images via the website.

Image requirements: up to 2.0 MB in file sze; JPG format

Judging criteria:

– originality and quality of art

– demonstration of artistic ability

– interpretation of the theme

– creativity

– overall design

– usage of medium


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When you look through your camera’s lens you will see an array of focus points. The center focus point (which is the most sensitive point) should be pointed straight at your subject. Push the shutter button halfway down to lock the focus, then recompose your shot if you want (because the subject does not have to be in the dead center of your composition), then shoot. If your subject is way off center, you’ll get a clearer shot if you select an off-center focus point that lines up with your subject. If using a wide aperture setting like f/2.8, do not use the lock focus/recompose method, as your subject may become blurred. Instead, choose a focus point closest to your subject to ensure clarity. There are basically two AF modes — ‘One Shot’ and ‘Continuous.’ My Canon has One Shot mode and Al Servo mode (continuous), as well as Al Focus mode which is really like One Shot mode with an automatic sensor that allows it to go into Al Servo mode when it detects motion. Greek? Let me make it easy for you. When you are shooting a still subject use One Shot mode. If you have a moving subject that you wish to capture in focus, set your camera to its Continuous focus mode (which is Al Servo on my Canon), so that it continually focuses on your moving subject.