MakeMercuryHistory Photo Contest 2022

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MakeMercuryHistory Photo Contest 2022



1. Mercury contamination – show the world that it is a critical problem that knows no borders and affects us all
2. The people working to phase out mercury – from policymakers to academia and through working on the ground (workers, inspectors, etc.)
3. The environment – show us what we are fighting for how the world looks like without mercury pollution

There will be one winner for each of the three categories listed above and nine finalists. Exciting awards and visibility will be offered for each winner.
• Winners will receive a framed printed copy of their photo and an official certificate from the secretariat of the Minamata Convention.
• Winners will be invited to be part of a special event on photography and mercury in the context of the public awareness campaign for the Convention’s 6th anniversary in 2023.
• Winner and finalist photos in each category will be part of a virtual exhibition on the Minamata Convention website to be launched for the World Environment Day – 5 June 2023 and promoted through social media challenges giving credit to the authors.
• Winner and finalist photos will be part of a physical photo exhibition at the fifth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury (COP-5) to be held in October/November 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland.
• Winner and finalists’ photos will be part of a 2024 Minamata Convention calendar to be gifted to COP-5 participants in November 2023, and downloadable from the Convention’s website.
• Winner and finalists will receive a printed copy of the 2024 calendar

You are encouraged to send one picture per category and help open the eyes of a broad public that may have not yet realized the magnitude of the problem, showing that everybody can contribute to the reduction of mercury pollution.

The results will be announced on 22 April (Earth Day) 2023.

Online submission of digital images via the website.

Image requirements: JPEG, PNG or TIFF format. Minimum size: 1.5 MB (within 2048 x 1536 pixels or 1536 x 2048 pixels). Winners may later be requested to submit JPEG images with higher resolution. The picture must not contain logos, commercial references or people’s names. It shall not include any watermark, the author’s signature or the title of the artwork.


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