Amateur Photographer of the Year 2022 Competition

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Amateur Photographer of the Year 2022 CompetitionRounds:

1. Low Light
Opens 8th February | Closes 4th March | Shortlist 12th March | Results on Photocrowd 8th April

2. Black and White
Opens 4th March | Closes 25th March | Shortlist 9th April | Results on Photocrowd 6th May

3. Travel
Opens 26th March | Closes 22nd April | Shortlist 7th May | Results on Photocrowd 3rd June

4. Landscapes
Opens 23rd April | Closes 20th May | Shortlist 24th June | Results on Photocrowd 1st July

5. Best of British
Opens 21st May | Closes 17th June | Shortlist 2nd July | Results on Photocrowd 29th July

6. Close-ups
Opens 18th June | Closes 15th July | Shortlist 30th July | Results on Photocrowd 26th August

7. People
Opens 16th July | Closes 12th August | Shortlist 27th August | Results on Photocrowd 23rd September

8. Wildlife
Opens 13th August | Closes 9th September | Shortlist 24th September | Results on Photocrowd 21st October

9. Street
Opens 10th September | Closes 7th October | Shortlist 22nd October | Results on Photocrowd 18th November

10. Action
Opens 8th October | Closes 4th November | Shortlist 19th November | Results on Photocrowd 16th December


  • The winner of each round of APOY 2022 receives a £500 voucher to spend on anything at MPB. From top-of-the-range digital medium-format camera bodies, to entry-level DSLRs, as well as the longest telephoto zooms and widest lenses, and useful accessories, MPB is a one-stop shop for used kit.
  • There are great second-placed and third-placed prizes, too, which are £100 and £50 respectively, while the winner of the Young APOY category will win a voucher for £250.
  • The overall APOY winner will receive a voucher for £1,000.
  • The overall Young APOY winner will be awarded a £500 voucher.

you can enter up to 5 images in each of the 10 rounds. 1 free entry per round can be obtained via a unique code published in Amateur Photographer magazine during the period in which that round is open. Without the code, you’ll be able to enter a maximum of 4 images per round.

For the Young APOY 2022 award, eligible photographers can enter up to 4 free images per round.

Image requirements: at least 2,700 (3,000 maximum) pixels along its longest dimension; JPEG format, preferably sRGB.


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